Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I often find myself comparing my work to others and thinking it is not where it should be. That I should be so much better at this point and there are others with work I'll never be able to replicate. I know these are little comments buzzing around my head and they should not bother me as they do. 

I start classes in less than a week where I will probably be critiqued and have to defend my work every day. In order to ground myself and have faith in my style and its worth- I made up a little quote doodle to hang above my desk so I can see it easily. 

Any fellow artists have a problem with comparison?


  1. *raises hand sheepishly* I was totally going through this same thought process just yesterday!! It was a rough artistic day for me but I finally came around to the same thought...I should continue to be inspired by those that are way ahead of me but to stop comparing myself as a beginner! And I guess the reality is that nobody ever truly "arrives" in their skill anyway... ;) I wrote out a similar comparison quote to hang over my workspace yesterday: "Comparison is the thief of joy," -Theodore Roosevelt...ha, I guess if my little creations make me happy right now, then that's what matters! YOU are a fantastic illustrator and inspire ME!! :)

  2. Thanks Jordan! I am loving your quote as well:) It's funny that you say I inspire you because you inspire me daily as well! Now if I can just follow in this bold path I've laid before myself and love my work no matter what haha! Thanks for the comment dear!