Thursday, August 29, 2013

New look

I have been working on a logo and branding ideas for Forever September for a little bit now but haven't been happy with it, but I wanted to go ahead and choose something so I can get the ball rolling. I can always change it later, right?

I wanted something that brought calligraphy and illustration together so this is what resulted from that. My brand is about helping keep love alive in the simplest way- through paper goods. Cards, invitations, gift wrap, etc. Anything and everything to relay the message, "Someone out there loves and cherishes you".

 I chose to incorporate a quail into the logo for this reason. Quails are highly symbolic throughout various cultures- depicting courage, love, hope, victory, and protection. 

It also is very very cute.

Also I am starting to sell some cards in cafes/boutiques/etc. which is very exciting! So I made little signs like the one below for a display. Anyone know any other places I can sell at?

What are your thoughts? Should I incorporate color into the logo? Is it too plain?

Love and cherish y'all!


  1. It's beautiful! I love your typography so much. As someone who that doesn't come easy too I am in awe of your talent and craft! I do think you should put some color on the business card at least. You use such beautiful minimalistic color it would be a shame not to add some. And I think it would represent your work better.


    1. Thanks Carly! Working on different color concepts- I tend to gravitate towards blues and grays because they are so calm but we shall see! I will play with watercolor some and see what happens!