Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7 Reasons Why I Love Target (And they are all $1)

We went to Target last night to get some cute, but cheap organizational supplies to fix our guest closet. At that point, everytime we opened the closet there was an avalanche of art supplies! As most of you fellow Target lovers know- you ALWAYS end up buying more than you intended. I didn't feel so bad about these little extras though because they were so price friendly!

1. Patterned Makeup Bag- $1
I happen to use mine to hold my micron pens.

2. Shoebox size plastic tubs- $1 each in a pack of 5
I have lots of little things to keep track of so this was perfect.

3. Plastic Brightly Colored Accordion Folders- $1 each
You can't tell from this pic but they have nice designs etched in and they also come in other color and fun patterns!

4. Magnetic To Do List and Market List- $1 each
Sometime its nice to just have a designated spot for these because usually I jot down these things on scraps of paper and loose them.

5. Happy Magnets- Pack of 6 for $1
I know they are slightly hipster/trendy with the neon and retro designs, but I needed magnets and these are cute.

6. Quirky Ice Tray- $1

7. Beautiful patterned infinity scarf- $3 (I know technically over, but I had to share)

I also found some fun party/cocktail napkins that were printed like basic notebook paper that I might use for a Back-To-School Party ha!

What cute treasures have you found at Target?

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