Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Reading

I have a developed habit of list making- daily to do lists, project lists, life goals lists, etc. and I miss the annual assigned summer reading as a kid so I decided to make a summer reading list for myself. Most of the following titles I have not read and the remaining few I haven't read in a really long time.

To make this post more visually fun I found some classics with beautiful new covers.

1. The Great Gatsby- Yes, this longing to reread this was spurred by the movie adaptation.

2. Wuthering Heights- Jane Eyre is my favorite so I hope this Bronte novel will be equally satisfying.

3. A Tale of Two Cities- Never read a Charles Dickens novel and I feel that is a shame.

4. Great Expectations- Again never read a Dickens.

5. Mere Christianity- C.S. Lewis writes beautifully and with conviction.

6. Grimm's Fairy Tales- We all know the highlight reel but I'd love to read the stories in their entirety.

7. Peter Pan- Read this as a kid but can't recall any details that aren't blurred by Disney images.

8. The Hobbit- Again spurred by the movie adaptation.

9. Pride and Prejudice- I know the story and have seen both movie versions but I still would like to read Ms. Austen's words myself.

10. Frankenstein- Haven't read this since AP Literature in high school but would love to pick it up again.


  1. I don't see your fav..... Jane Eyre

  2. Doug! Of course Jane Eyre is the favorite, but I need to make room for the other classics!